Dali gets into soundbars with a colourful Kubik

Tall speakers are no longer the be-all end-all for sound in a home environment, and now that many of us are have to deal with small living rooms, the soundbar makes more sense. Dali’s take on that, though, is a touch more colourful than we’re used to seeing.

In fact, Dali’s colourful Kubik speaker could draw the eye to it more than your good ol’ TV, thanks to its large block of colour in the replaceable grilles, which arrive in black, beige, and red out of the box, but which can be replaced to be blue, green orange, purple, grey, and green if needed, letting you splash colour on your wall without needing to reach for the bucket of paint.


Aside for colour, the speakers arrive with sound to spare, offering up 100 watts of power from a Class D amp over four speakers, made up of both high- and low-frequency inclusions.

The Kubik takes its sound from TVs over either optical or RCA, and can even take input from a 3.5mm jack, or via microUSB or Bluetooth if need be. And if the lows aren’t strong enough from the Dali, we’re told there is a subwoofer out port, helping to expand the system later on if need be.


High-resolution audio is supported too, with 24-bit 96kHz support found here, which should be ideal for people getting into the high-end sound offered by FLACs and other lossless audio formats.

Pricing for Dali Kubik comes in at $1999, with availability at specialist sound stores across Australia.