Right now, there’s a big deal being made about online abuse. It’s not a new concept, though, and seems to only become a noteworthy issue when a celebrity complains that someone online doesn’t like them.

Now, what happened to Charlotte Dawson is awful, of course.

No-one should bag others out endlessly, insulting them to the point of hospitalisation. But the operative word there is should.

No one should set fire to things, but there are still arsonists.

No one should rob a bank, but there are still thieves.

And no one should be engaging in bullying behaviour, but there have always been, and always will be bullies. In fact, one of the oldest stories in ‘the Book’ –  David and Goliath – is a story about a bully.

In all likelihood, we’ve all dealt with bullies at school, and some of us may have even been bullies.

But cyber bullying allows the same mongrels who torment us in the offline world to invade our private spaces too.