I’m in love with the Deep Pink and Stellar Shift Xbox controllers

Deep Pink and Stellar Shift Xbox controller

Let me make one thing clear: I’m not one to make a big fuss over Valentine’s Day, but if you gave me one of the new Stellar Shift or Deep Pink Xbox controllers (or both), I would love you forever.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love colourful technology. The Cosmos-coloured Logitech Pop Keys Keyboard? Divine. I’m an absolute sucker for anything that adds a splash of whimsy to an otherwise innocuous device.

Even though the Xbox Design Lab exists, a place where you can order custom-designed official controllers, Microsoft’s gaming division keeps launching sublime designs of its own. Stellar Shift is the latest in a line of “Shift” controllers, all of which feature a shimmery design that reacts to light. In previous years, we’ve seen the deep sea-inspired Aqua Shift and the Lunar Shift designs. Now, it’s the Stellar Shift’s turn to (literally) shine.

Meanwhile, the Deep Pink Xbox controller looks utterly fabulous. Don’t let outdated notions of gender norms suggest that a beautiful pink peripheral isn’t for everyone, when it absolutely is.

A cool feature of the Stellar Shift Xbox controller

More than just a pretty controller, the Stellar Shift model actually houses a neat little extra. When connected to an Xbox Series X or S console, it unlocks an exclusive dynamic theme of a gently moving galaxy. To access the theme for your console, follow these steps while using the controller:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your Xbox Series X or S console
  • Select “Personalisation” followed by “My Background”
  • Here, find the Stellar Shift dynamic theme among the library of others

While not a game-changing feature by any stretch, it’s a nifty addition beyond just a nice-looking gamepad. The Deep Pink controller doesn’t include such a bonus, but you could always pick a pink background for a similar effect.

You don’t even need an Xbox as an excuse to grab one of the gorgeous new designs. Like most modern controllers, you can use Bluetooth to connect them to various PC and mobile devices to play games however you want. After all, you can play Xbox games on TVs now.

Out first, the Deep Pink Xbox controller launches on 10 February for $94.95, followed by the Stellar Shift Xbox controller on 21 February for a slightly pricier $99.95 at various retailers. Do I need them? No. Regardless, I’m mighty tempted…

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