Definitive joins Bluetooth headphones with a Symphony

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When it comes to Bluetooth headphones, there’s some serious competition out there, with models arriving from big names with big sound, but this week we’re seeing a new entrant make its mark with cans offering auto-adjusting noise cancellation.

That new entrant is Definitive Technology, a company that has been around since 1990, but is now getting itself to Australia with a pair of large Bluetooth headphones packing active noise-cancellation technology via four microphones, and then throwing in two more for voice communication.


They’re called the “Symphony 1”, and the headphones arrive with a rechargeable battery delivering up to 10 hours of playback through large cushioning ear pads that from what we can tell will deliver a circumaural or “around the ear” experience.

Definitive’s take on noise cancellation could be adjusting, with an auto-adjusting noise cancellation level that should change based on where you are, though we’re told the headphones can work without noise cancellation switched on, with passive audio too.


Pricing for this pair isn’t cheap, and the headphones start at $699 at select stockists across Australia, putting these in the high-end part of the Bluetooth headphone spectrum.

We’re keen to take a look at them soon, though, so we should have a definitive answer on whether Definitive’s headphones are indeed definitive, or even just worth the money.