Dell shows off lots of computers at (where else) Computex

If the name “Computex” didn’t tell you what was on show, we’re not sure what else would, and Dell was on hand to detail its efforts for the 2015 year.

And those efforts aim to include laptops with quad-core processors, mobile metal machines with marvellous battery life (we ran out of “m” words), and a couple of of boxes depending on if you want desktops or all-in-one machines.

“With today’s new product launches, Dell’s Inspiron brand continues its legacy of developing great devices that are easy-to-use, employing the latest technology to help families get more out of life,” said Ray Wah, Vice President of the Consumer Product Group at Dell.

“Everyday computing is more fun when you can power video chats and games with the latest processors and graphics, or enjoy an immersive multi-media entertainment experience courtesy of brilliant front-of-screen displays with fantastic audio.”


For Dell, everyday computing extends across laptops and desktops, with offerings in several arenas.

We checked out the Inspiron 3000 series only recently, but this year, you’ll be able to see both s 5000 and 7000 series machine, and while that might just seem like a bunch of numbers, the models will be very different.

From what we’re seeing, the 5000 aims to be a budget-to-mid-range model, with Intel or AMD chips being used for 15 and 17 inch sizes, hopefully with as good a keyboard as we saw on that 13 inch 3000 recently.


Two generations of the 7000 will also exist with a 2-in-1 hybrid machine working as both a laptop and tablet and built in a metal casing, providing as much as almost nine hours of battery and an LCD with a wide viewing angle.

Meanwhile, a secondary Inspiron 7000 will also exist providing a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia graphics with an option for a 4K touchscreen. Yikes.

Desktops aren’t going anywhere, either, and you’ll find these in both the box and the monitor options.


For the box, there’s a slightly thinner take on the desktop that aims to offer small computing performance in a more compact frame (Inspiron Desktop), while Dell also looks to embrace some of the micro boxes we’ve seen from Intel in the past, packing a tiny computer in a machine measuring 13 x 13cm (roughly).

We’ve seen machines like this in the past, mostly for people who build their own gear, so expect this sort of computer to be aimed at the living room, similar to what Acer tried with its recent Revo One.


Finally, there’s the all-in-one, the area most people expect desktops to kind of rest in.

Dell has been working in that space of a while, and this year the models include new chips, 19.5 inc hand 23.8 inch versions, and a streamlined design and both wired and wireless networking built in.


As with most Computex announcements, there are no prices for most of these as of yet, but we’ll let you know when they come in. One series does have a price, however, with the Inspiron 5000 machines which will start at $699.99 for the 15 inch and $999.99 for the 17 inch, both of which are hitting online stores now, as well as the few places in retail that stock Dell.