Dell’s neat tablet-netbook trick: the Inspiron Duo


You’ve got tablets and you’ve got netbooks, but no one seems to be able to find a way to bridge the gap between them. Or do they? Dell’s new concept computer definitely has our attention.
Similar to the Dell Mini 10, the Duo looks to be a 10-inch Intel Atom powered netbook that will be fairly easy to carry around with you. But unlike every other netbook, this one yields a surprise: the screen.
The display looks to be a capacitive touchscreen that can flip inside the frame of the monitor and create a tablet device when closed. This idea of flipping only the inside part of the screen makes for a change since past tablet-notebook hybrids have been about rotating the display and folding it back into the device.
“Because this was a sneak-peak only, we are unable to comment on when it might be launched, locally or globally, or pricing,” Dell told us earlier today.