The GadgetGuy kitchen is always pumping out all sorts of things, there’s never enough space for every object that makes cooking all the things possible, and that’s where a “multi-cooker” comes in handy.

In many kitchens, there are what are called “multi-cookers,” and for those not down with the lingo, it is essentially what it sounds like: an appliance that can handle lots of types of dishes from the one so you don’t necessarily need to have a specific professional with an equally professional set of skills.

Rice cooking. Risotto making. Sautéing. Slow-cooking. That sort of thing. Lots of tasks for one appliance.

DeLonghi is chiming in this week with a gadget of its own for this taking a multi-cooker and merging it with one of the low-oil fryers that we’re seeing hit store shelves in numbers.

This combination results in the DeLonghi Multifry classic, an electric appliance with a non-stick ceramic coated bowl capable of making cake, risotto, rice, stew, and fried chips, as well as a bunch of other things.

DeLonghi isn’t alone in the multi-cook space, and like others, the Multifry should be able to sauté and make risotto like the best of them, only there’s a big different, with an air fryer thrown into this model.

Air fryers aren’t quite what they seem, though, as they’re essentially small fan forced ovens that heat up to very high temperatures and — together with some oil inside — fry using the hot air, which for DeLonghi is reliant on a “Surround Heating System” to provide what it calls uniform heat.