DeLonghi JE850M

This juicer is part of DeLonghi’s Metropolis range which is based on 1950s retro style. It sure looks good and is a great purchase for a family or household that will need to make large quantities of juice at a time. The juicer is also excellent for making a lot of juice to store and refrigerate. It has a sturdy base and an extra large jug and pulp container to minimise emptying time in between juicing.

The only major downfall to this juicer is that its pulp container has to be attached to the juicer for it to work. When setting up the juicer this is not obvious and not outlined in the manual. This will pose a major problem if the container is lost or broken, rendering the juicer useless.

Setting up

Setting up the juicer is pretty simple and the manual provides an excellent step by step photographic guide to assembling and dissembling the machine.

However, there is a major downside to this juicer and that is that the pulp container must be attached to the juicer for it to work. This is not outlined in the manual and can therefore cause some frustration when trying to turn the juicer on if the container is not attached. Also, if the pulp container is lost or broken, the machine will not work at all.


Besides looking great, the juicer has a range of nice features that help it deliver a good juicing performance. Its powerful motor and two speed dial ensure all types of fruit and vegetables can be juiced. Its extra large jug and pulp container ensure long periods of juicing without having to empty the container. When full, the pulp container is removable for emptying.

This model also has an extra long cord which comes in handy if a power point is far away.


The stainless steel blades and filtering basket do a good job of extracting juice, especially on softer fruits like melons and oranges. The high and low switches are great for juicing different types of fruit and vegetables. The high switch juices apples and carrots very quickly while the low switch did an excellent job of extracting juice out of softer, juicier fruits like oranges and melons.

The 850 watt motor provides a fast and efficient juicing performance while the large 75 mm feed chute ensures small apples can be juiced whole, meaning less food preparation time.

The jug’s lid is designed very well because it slots under the juicer’s spout, which greatly minimises spillage. In fact, there was no spillage at all. The jug also has a filtering mechanism that helps trap froth and larger bits of pith. However, the jug alone is comprised of three parts, which could get lost pretty easily, especially the filtering mechanism.

Like all juicers, if it is rinsed immediately after use then it is pretty easy to clean and the double ended brush helps clean the blades and filtering basket well. The smaller end of the brush is particularly useful in reaching difficult spots like inside the groove of the pusher.


In terms of juicing performance this juicer was a real winner. Its larger size makes it ideal for a family or household that needs a lot of juice at the one time, or for storing in the fridge. However, there are a lot of parts to keep track of and the fact that the juicer needs the external pulp container to work is a major downside to its functionality.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Extra wide juicing chute, good performance particularly on soft fruit, stable on benchtop, large jug and pulp container, jug design minimises spillage, good cord length
Pulp container needs to be attached to juicer for it to operate, quite heavy and large, requires ample bench space, many parts to keep track of and keep clean