DeLonghi ups the espresso ante with automated authenticity

The encapsulated coffee market is growing, but there’s still plenty of room for traditional espresso machines, and the latest crop doesn’t need you to learn any skills at all.

There’s good news for coffee fiends that aren’t into the taste of coffee pods but still want the ease of use of making a decent cup, because new machines are on their way to shelves delivering coffee with personality without the big instruction manual or degree needed for some coffee machines.

DeLonghi has sent word that two machines are on the way focused on this specific category, both providing beans to coffee experiences for under $2000.


First up is the DeLonghi White Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, a product with a name that basically says it all, because it’s white, compact, fully automatic, and makes coffee.

Delving a little deeper, the aptly named product includes the ability to grind the beans for you at the time or take something you’ve ground ahead of time (such as at the place where you buy the beans), infusing the coffee via a patented thermoblock mechanism that heats up the water, before putting the two together and pushing out espresso.


A steam wand is built into the unit, allowing you to bring your own milk jug and create textured milk (froth) to make your own cappuccino or latte, with 13 customisable grind settings allowing you to refine the drink to something that is match to your likes and dislikes.

Pricing on this one comes in at $1099, with availability now.


Meanwhile DeLonghi’s other machine is likely to grab your attention if you prefer the cappuccino to be made totally for you, milk and all.

It has a less explanatory name, and is merely called the “Autentica”, which should translate to a play on “authentic” in English, and kind of gives you a feel for what DeLonghi is reaching for here.


The machine is similar to the other automatic model, but includes a basic LCD screen to help you program the modes you’re selecting, as well as a new “Doppio” mode to provide a thicker espresso extraction and for people who like their short coffees a little stronger than just the additional water a longer short provides.

Also added here is a milk container which is built into the unit and can be removed easily, working with the included steam wand for DeLonghi’s LatteCrema system, which apparently delivers smaller bubbles for better foam.

That’s a big deal, especially if you’re into textured milk drinks without the fuss, which we suspect many are, and could cut down on costs to the local cafe if you’re frequenting it a little too regularly for your own good.

Pricing on this one comes in at $500 more, with the DeLonghi Autentica landing on shelves for a recommended retail price of $1599.


Both DeLonghi machines should be available in appliance retailers across Australia now.