DeLonghi WD1000 Waste Disposer

Known for its Italian kitchen appliances, DeLonghi is now set to take a load out of the kitchen with the introduction of a state-of-the art in-sink waste disposal.

The DeLonghi WD1000 combines exceptional power with an ultra-quiet design to provide the convenient and no fuss way to dispose of unwanted kitchen waste!

The DeLonghi WD1000 Waste Disposer features a patented RotoRaptor grinding system which churns kitchen waste into ultra fine powder. The grinding design is unlike anything else on the market, combining stainless steel cutting teeth with powerful raptor tails and claws ensuring a faster and finer grinding system, no matter what the task is at hand. The DēLonghi WD1000 can grind hard beef and rib bones, as well as soft and fibrous vegetables – no task is unmanageable for the DeLonghi waste disposer!

The high powered 1.25 horsepower motor is manufactured to DeLonghi’s specifications ensuring its reliability and superior performance. The grinder is ultra quiet thanks to its exceptional design which incorporates a super sound absorbent insulation layer. Other notable features include a load sensing motor, which automatically adjusts the power to suit the type and amount of
waste as well as continuous feed operation to allow for fast, efficient and uninterrupted operation.

Price and availability

The DeLonghi WD1000 Waste Disposer provides the ultimate solution to pipe blockages and clogged drains for $990 RRP and is available from March 2009.