Denon delivers a pair of in-ears for Android owners

One of the more irritating things about not owning an iPhone is knowing that every time you buy a set of headphones, chances are the remote won’t work with your non-Apple product, but Denon has a fix for that.

It’s a fix that won’t help you if you just bought a pair of headphones, but will if you’re looking for some, as the fix comes in two new headphones made to work with Android, as well as Apple.

For those unaware, part of the reason the remotes on Apple approved headphones don’t work on other devices stems from the connection to the remote being proprietary, and something that only works with Apple’s slate of products, such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini.

To get around this, Denon has done the one thing companies can do to make headphones more compatible: remove the complicated remote and replace it with something a little easier for Android (and other operating systems) to deal with.

In Denon’s additions to the Music Maniac line, the AH-C50 in-earphones act as the entry level model with 9mm drivers in an ABS plastic housing with a one button remote and built in microphone. Four types of silicone ear tips are included in the box, with the headphones arriving in black or silver for $59.95.

The other model — the Denon AH-C120 in-earphones — jumps up an extra $50 ($119.95), but provides bigger drivers, with 11.5mm drivers in a hybrid casing made from aluminium and plastic, not only making them better quality, but also useful for reducing vibrations in music where bass is heavy. Three silicone tip sizes are included in this one, as well as some Comply foam tips which may provide a comfier fit for people over silicone.

Denon's C120 in-earphones

Both sets of in-earphones are compatible with Denon’s audio app, which is available for Android and iOS and provides equaliser settings for the earphones, as well as a built-in audio player.

Denon’s Music Maniac earphone additions will be arriving in June, alongside the app in the Apple iOS and Google Android app stores.