Denon gets its head in the game with 12 headphones

One hundred years of experience is being thrown into the engineering of a new line of headphones from Denon, starting at $179 and designed to bring a premium audio experience to four types of audio lovers, whether they’re into raving, walking, getting fit, or just love music immensely.

Arriving next month, the new Denon brand is pushing out 12 different pairs of headphones designed for lovers of music, the dance fiends, travellers needing noise cancelling, and the fitness fanatics.

The range is reasonably diverse and looks to be quite well engineered, with the “Music Maniac” taking the ultimate in technology and throwing it into headphones.

These top-end cans look to be for the person with a headphone amp, though Denon also says that the range – which comes in the two over-the-ear headphones AH-D7100 ($1600) and AH-D600 ($650) and AH-C400 in-earphones ($499) – can be plugged straight into a portable media player for awesome sound anywhere.

Travelling audio freaks will want to check out the “Globe Cruiser” headphones, with a wireless over-the-ear AH-NCW500 ($549) running on Bluetooth and AptX, and the AH-W200 ($249) in-ear wireless headphone, both with noise cancelling microphones built in.

If the bass drives everything you do, there’s the “Urban Raver” category, with a control wheel lit up by blue LED accents on the side of the AH-D400 ($449) over-the-ear headphones and helped with a built in microphone.

These cans are reasonably large, mind you, so Denon has a much smaller version of the same cans, with the in-ear AH-C300 ($299).

And then there’s the movers and shakers, doing their thing to stay fit with the music they love.

The “Exercise Freak” brand of Denon’s new headphone range is wireless with Bluetooth, sweat proof, and features buttons for media playback and a microphone for talking while you’re walking, running, and jogging. There’s only one model in this series, with three colours – black, blue, and yellow – making up the lone Exercise Freak AH-W150 model ($179).