Denon reveals X-range for home theatre beginners and enthusiasts alike

Some of us want decent sound, but are happy with the simple stereo systems we can purchase that are plugged into Blu-ray players. No worries, but there are also people who want as much control as there could be, and whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Denon wants you to know it has you covered.

Launching under the “X” lines of products, Denon is showing off three AV receivers, heading to Australian stores shortly.

First there’s a product being geared at beginners, with the AVR-X500, a five channel amplifier with 165W per channel.

Considered the budget option of the bunch, Denon plans to make this thing available for $499 RRP, and it will come with 4 3D capable HDMI inputs (one of which is on the front), two optical inputs, and support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, as well as a large graphic display to make controlling the receiver easier from the couch.

If you’ve moved beyond the beginner stage and you see yourself as an enthusiast, Denon will have two more models, made up of the X1000 (below) and X2000, which are similar with the exception of how much power and how many channels they have.

Both models will support home networks and feature AirPlay support inside, making it possible to send an iTunes library straight to the Denon receiver for playback. Internet radio stations are also a possibility, as are music files stores on a network drive, with a Denon Remote app for iOS and Android making it easy to play back remotely through either of the receivers.

Volume adjustment for movies and music can also happen in real time, with Audyssey’s Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ said to improve surround sound effects and calibrate the speaker based on the room the setup is inside.

As for power, the AVR-X1000 will throw 175W out over five channels (5.1) with 5 HDMI inputs (one at the front), while the X2000 boasts a more impressive 185W over seven channels (7.1) and 7 HDMI ports (yet again, one at the front).

Denon's X2000 receiver.

And if 4K is already on your mind, the last of these – the AVR-X2000 – will support Ultra HD out of the box, upscaling video to support this new standard.

The enthusiast models of the Denon X series are set to cost $699 for the X1000 and $999 for the X2000, while the less expensive entry-level X500 will be hitting stores alongside these two in the next few weeks for $499.