Denon’s latest AV receivers – AVR-1610, AVR-1910 & AVR-2310

Denon has announced a new wave of AV receivers – the AVR-1610 ($899), AVR-1910 ($1,399) and the AVR-2310 ($1,899).
All three models support the latest HD surround sound formats including Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio and are compatible with Denon’s iPod dock control. These are also the first receivers at these price points to feature full analog video to HDMi conversion plus Interlaced to progressive up conversion, making it possible for connection between the receiver, the display and the source with the use of only one HDMI cable.

Also when connected to other HDMI 1.3a compliant displays its possible to realise high quality video features such as Deep Colour technology. This connectivity feature also facilities full on-screen menu display via the HDMI output on all 3 models. The AVR-2310 (pictured above) Graphic User interface is superimposed over the picture even on 1080p signals. The AVR-1910 and AVR-2310 also feature up-conversion and scaling of analog sources (Composite, S-Video and Component) to 1080p. Another feature for the AVR-1910 & AVR-2310 is HDMI to HDMI up scaling which means now a high definition set-top box signal can be connected to the receiver by HDMI and still be upscaled to 1080p as well.

The AVR-1610 has 5-channels of 110W (6ohms), the AVR-1910 offers 7-channels of 120W (6ohms) and the AVR-2310 offers 7-channels of 125W (6ohms). All 3 receivers are built to Denon’s world renowned Pure Audio Construction standards employing fully discrete output transistors for each channel, minimum signal path and Direct mechanical ground construction.

Denon’s engineers have given special attention to achieving quality audio in both music and surround sound modes plus the highly acclaimed Audyssey’s MultEQ auto setup and Room EQ system, add to this the new Audyssey Dynamic Volume for the ultimate level control and Audyssey Dynamic EQ for loudness control and the Denon receivers offer a complete acoustic optimisation system for any environment.

The AVR-1610, AVR-1910 and AVR-2310 receivers also support Dolby Pro-Logic IIz which provides for an extra pair of front Height channels. These height channels add an extra dimension to the front sound stage and are particularly popular in apartments where rear speakers can be difficult to place. The fastest growing playback device in the world is the iPod followed by an ever increasing amount of Network audio products such a Sonos, these new devices benefit hugely from Denon’s Compressed audio restorer.

Both the AVR-1910 & AVR-2310 also offer Multi Room and Multi source for an independent Zone 2 operation. The Zone 2 area can be driven by an independent amplifier which receives a signal from the AVR-1910 & AVR-2310 Zone 2 Pre out connections or if the user is content with 5.1 surround sound in their main listening area the Surround back channel amplifiers can be re-assigned to drive Zone 2.

The AVR-2310 comes equipped with RS232 serial control port, IR in & outputs as well as an assignable 12 volt trigger for complete control configuration.

The Denon AVR-1610, AVR-1910 and AVR-2310 are covered by a two year parts and labour warranty (three years when included warranty card is filled in at the time of sale) and are available in Premium Silver and Black.