Denon’s latest, feature-rich home theatre receiver, the AVR-2807

Winning accolades for its outstanding value and performance, Denonns latest home theatre receiver, the AVR-2807 leaves no feature unturned. This latest entrant to the Denon stable of quality A/V receivers supports the most current HDMI digital interface switching including high-quality 1080P video, making it the ideal companion to todayys HDTVs, monitors and home theatre projection systems.

The Denon AVR-2807 offers almost every conceivable video conversion process. Its 1080P processing capability means not only is it capable of processingg high quality HD free-to-air and digital video sources, but it is also able to accept HDMI-configured sources such as PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray players, making it the most future-proof receiver on the market.

Denon are also debuting their optional ASD-1R control dock for iPod that allows you to connect your iPod to the AVR-2807 and other Denon compatible components. iPod connectivity as supported by the AVR-2807 offers a whole new realm of media enjoyment. Unlike cheaper competitive models, this connection also allows you to control your iPod with your Denon remote controller.

The ASDD1R enables you to send your iPod photo images and video content to your TV or monitor. It also displays the iPodds menu on-screen and of course brings your iPod music to a new level of enjoyment. The ASD-1R comes with all necessary connecting cables and a selection of five adapters to accommodate virtually all dockable iPods, including iPod Nano.

The AVR-2807 offers video up/down conversion with output to HDMI, allowing it to be connected to a video monitor via a single cable regardless of the video format. Any of the analog sources (composite, component or S-Video) can be converted to component or HDMI at 576i or 576P resolution. It achieves this by using a Time Bass Corrector (TBC) in converting Composite video and S-Video signals to component video, suppressing jitter in the video signal during playback.

As a result, the AVR-2807 has no trouble converting 576i analog video sources, such as those from a VCR, non high-definition cable or video game system, from the composite and S-Video inputs to 576P-scan via the HDMI output. The 576P progressive scan option maximises compatibility with HDTVs, as many older TVs cannot accept a 576i video signal via HDMI.

The Denon AVR-2807 also features the companyys proprietary Audyssey MultiEQxt Room EQ Auto Set-Up, which comes complete with a microphone and automatically equalises the sound to suit the roomms characteristics, speakers and seating arrangements. The Auto Set-Up can be overridden for a manuall EQ program while an assignable Room EQ function allows you to store EQ settings for different rooms and/or source material. This advanced equalisationn technology takes home theatre surround sound closer to the ideal cinema experience.

The Denon AVR-2807 offers seven channels of 110 watts. Analog audio inputs include stereo phono and CD inputs as well as a set for 7.1 channel analog sources such as SACD, DVD-Audio, Blu-ray or HD-DVD. The 7.1 channel pre-amplifier outputs can also be hooked up to external power amplifiers. It supports the most advanced surround playback formats including Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II, DTS-EX, DTS96/24 and DTS.

The receiver also features a versatile multi-zone system, enabling the user to configure various surround sound and music sources to selected rooms. For example, it is possible to enjoy a 5.1 channel theatre set-up in the main room, stereo music in a second and with additional 5.1 power amplifiers, to configure another 5.1 channel set-up in a third room. Another option might be to improve the sound from your front left and right channels in a 5.1 Home Theatre environment by bi-amping these channels, resulting in the bass and treble sections of your front speakers having dedicated channels.

The AVR-2807 employs the latest 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP decoders for the surround sound signal processing, while advanced 24-bit/192kHz Burr Brown D to A converters offer the highest musical resolution for both 2-channel stereo and multi-track PCM sources. For the very highest sound quality, the AVR-2807 also supports a digital interface for direct digital connection to SACD and DVD-A sources. Denonns acclaimed Alpha 24 Processing Plus technology is also featured to optimise sound quality from CD sources.

All video processing is performed by state-of-the-art 12-bit/216MHz video DACs, a major improvement over many competitive products that employ 10-bit chips at much slower sampling rates. The end result is much clearer, cleaner and more detailed images particularly in fast motion scenes. Similarly, an Auto Delay function corrects slight lags between sound and picture that can occur when playing some DVD sources.

The AVR-2807 also features an RS232 connection to support third party control systems such as Creston and receive possible future upgrades. It also features +12V Trigger outputs that can be assigned to raise curtains etc.

The Denon AVR-2807 has an RRP of $2,199, comes in black or silver, is covered by a nationwide two-year warranty and is available at specialised Denon dealers. The optional ASD-1R has an RRP of $199 and is available in black or white.

Source: Denon