Denon’s new A/V HD surround sound receiver – the AVR-4308

Supporting the adage ?the power of integration?, Denon?s anxiously awaited AVR-4308 audio/video 7 x 140W channel HD surround receiver features every available convenience to-date. It includes the latest HDMI 1.3a connectivity, advanced networking and 30/36-bit Deep Colour technology to name just a few. The new lossless audio formats, Dolby True HD and dts HD Master Audio are supported natively through the AVR-4308 offering compatibility with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Dolby True HD and dts HD Master Audio is the next generation lossless technology that unlocks true high fidelity sound that is identical to the studio master.

The AVR-4308 is Denon?s most savvy ?Digital Media? receiver to-date offering advanced audio streaming, on screen display and control functionality, allowing for iPod iTunes and internet radio. It also offers network support for wired (Ethernet) or by the built in WiFi EEE802 which allows Playback of music files from PC or DLNA servers including AAC, WMA lossless, MP3, FLAC and WAV file support. The AVR-4308 also supports streaming from a MAC provided the Twonky Music server program is present.

What also sets the AVR-4308 apart from its competitors is Denon?s proprietary Compressed Audio Restore technology that replays ?compressed? media such as MP3, WMA and AAC with much greater dynamic range and impact.

The AVR-4308 supports the very latest video processors including the industry standard Faroudja DCDi processing chipset (FLI-2315) allowing analogue 576i source content up conversion and scaling to 576p/720p/1080i and 1080p. The end result is unprecedented video/audio switching capability to the highest current standards.

The multi-zone capability is the most advanced of any Denon A/V receiver to-date. It offers 4 zone, 4 source with independent volume control. Meaning that, with additional amplification and speakers it?s possible to run a 7.1 home theatre setup in the main zone with three separate channels of stereo in zones two, three and four.

The AVR-4308 also has an independent Component video signal for Zone 2 which allows an independent video source in Zone 2. On board digital to analogue converters allow all digital sources to be sent over the analogue multi-zone outputs and a dedicated second zone remote control is also included.

In the main Zone 1, the AVR-4308 has dual HDMI 1.3a outputs and dual Component outputs which makes it is possible to view the highest quality video simultaneously on 4 separate screens – albeit with the same signal.

Supporting the latest ?surround sound?  processors including; Dolby True HD, dts HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro-Logic IIx, and DTS-ES, and DTS96/24, the AVR-4308 boasts the latest Dual 32-bit Analogue Devices SHARC processor, widely acknowledged as the industry benchmark DSP surround processor for consumer based audio/video surround sound formats. An Auto Lip Sync feature synchronizes perfect audio and video motion when using source material from HDMI 1.3a compatible DVD players and other sources.

The AVR-4308 also makes setting up simple. An eight position latest version Audyssey MultEQXT Setup and Room Equaliser function takes the guess work for the optimum set up characteristics. A new Tower type calibrated microphone records the output to each speaker and adjusts parameters such as; cross-over point with the subwoofer, speaker phasing, and levels and delays for correct speaker positioning. A newly designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) with multi-lingual support enables clear read out of all active source material, settings, speaker positions and other important information a lot simpler and more intuitive than ever.

A number of quick setup functions facilitate easy setup including Auto Surround Mode, Night Mode, and Audio Level Memory. Input terminals include; HDMI x 4, Component x 3, S-Video x 7, Composite x 7 and Analog Audio x 10. A 7.1 external input supports all DVD-Audio and SACD formats, together with Denon?s latest LINK3 for the highest grade digital signal transmission between similar configured Denon high end components. Other connectivity features include RS232 and assignable 12 volt trigger outputs.

Price and availability

The Denon AVR-4308 (RRP $4,999) is covered by a national two-year warranty and is available at selected Denon retailers throughout Australia. Optional extras include a range of iPod docking ports starting with the ASD-1R at $199 through to the ASD-3W at $499.

Source: Denon