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Fancy a washing machine that does away with detergent? A waterless washing machine called Airwash is among 12 futuristic household appliance designs on show at Sydneyys Powerhouse Museum from August 5-20. These product concepts are part of the Electrolux Design Lab 05 Exhibition, featured within this yearrs Sydney Design Festival.

The Electrolux Design Lab 05 competition challenged students from around the world to visualise appliances for the year 2020 and design products which best demonstrate the Electrolux ideals of thoughtfulness, innovation and design. All pieces on display illustrate intuitive, ecologically sensitive and elegant design. The Airwash waterless washing machine, that cleans clothes with pressurised air and negative ions, took home the 2005 prize.

Other appliance designs on show include:

  • Eclipse: Designed by Australian student Erik Andershed, Eclipse is a vacuum cleaner which steers itself around obstacles with built-in sensors and large wheels to help spin the unit around its own axis.
  • Happy Feet: a solution for cleaning and sanitising shoes which uses charcoal and ultra-violet (UV) rays to eliminate odours and sterilise shoes both inside and out.
  • Flavour of Sunshine: a washing machine with a solar unit to simulate the freshening and drying actions of the afternoon sun.
  • Kaionwave: A water saving, ultraviolet light system for cleaning and drying clothes.
  • Kwon-Seok: An innovative cooking method combining the tradition of stone cooking with modern electromagnetic induction cooking.
  • Oxygen Clothespin: Removes unwanted smoke odours from clothes using ion filtration technology.
  • Soft Refrigerator: A portable, foldable and adjustable refrigeration system.
  • Digital Placemats: Changing table placemats designed for the digital generation incorporating digital images to facilitate the expression of its user.
  • Electro-house: The all-in-one, home-on-the-go, house of the future.

The Powerhouse Museum is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm and is located at 500 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney.

Source: Electrolux