The main two questions with JVC?s DF470AA camcorder are a) is it worth the extra $200 over its DF430 sibling and b) should you spend an extra $200 and get the base level Everio? In the case of a) we think yes it is as you get a bunch of extra features worth the extra cash such as an SD card slot, USB connectivity, a pseudo surround sound recording system (called Biphonic 3D) and of course via the SD card, the ability to take stills.

As against the Everio 20Gb unit, we would probably say a maybe, but we feel that going to the 30 Gb model is a better proposition; it all relies on whether you want to stick with tape. This is not to detract from the 470AA, it is a good middle-of-the-road camcorder.

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Value for money.
Editing software supplied was a bit weak.