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There are some catches to the system that are worth noting, with one being price and the other being how disposable it is, and the two could make it a more costly solution to the treatment of diabetes than some realise.

For instance, the gadget used to check the sensor — the scanner — costs $95 and can only be used for one sensor, so if you have two people with diabetes in the home, you need two scanners, one for each person.

Your phone could theoretically be used to fill in this voice — because why should you have to carry an extra device when your phone likely has all the technology you need? — but the app isn’t here yet. It’s in the pipeline, but still a way’s off.


The price of each sensor could also be a little prohibitive in the beginning, with a sensor lasting 14 days before needing to be replaced and costing $95 each. That means a year’s worth of sensors will cost a little under $2500 AUD ($2470).

We’re told there’s no inclusion for this under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, so that’s a cost you’ll have to take care of yourself.

For some, this won’t be much of an issue, as the ability to check your sugar levels easily and painlessly will outweigh the cost, but when a glucose metre can be found for anywhere between $20 and $200, it’s a price that will no doubt cause some to flinch.

“Time spent listening to our customers’ needs has led to the development of the FreeStyle Libre System,” said Peter Chalikias, Regional Director of Abbott’s Diabetes Care Business in Australia, the company offering the FreeStyle Libre system.

“We are now able to provide an innovative solution that removes the pain and hassle of routine finger pricking, improves daily diabetes management and ultimately, helps people with diabetes to live happier and healthier lives.”


As for where you’ll find the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, the company’s website on the technology is so far the only place where you can find it, with the sensor and scanner available for $95 each.