Did you know… Google Movies hide in YouTube

File this in the area of things you probably didn’t know, but if you’re an Android owner buying TV shows and movies, you’ll find those rentals and purchases in another place.

If you’re the owner of an Android phone or tablet, a Google Chromecast, or even an Android-equipped television, there’s a good chance you’ve used Google’s TV and Movies part of the Google Play store to get some TV watching going.

Well here’s something random you may not know, because even some of the people working at the TV companies didn’t when we told them: your YouTube account can actually let you watch movies and TV shows.

That’s something we found recently while trying to access TV shows and movies rented or purchased through Google via the old Apple TV, which doesn’t natively support access to Google’s Play account, something we’re not even sure the new model of Apple TV can handle, either.

But both have a YouTube app, and because the YouTube app reflects your actual YouTube account, it will also show a “Purchases” section.


Inside a web browser, this section will also reveal all of your purchases and any of your rentals, allowing you to stream what you’ve grabbed from your phone.

At work, at home, and anywhere you happen to be logged into YouTube, you can see it, and if you have an app that is connected — on a phone or tablet, or even an Apple TV — it will work here, too.


And hey, if you happen to have a device with a Google Movies and TV app on it, you already know where to find it, but there’s one more place you know about.

TV shows can be watched at work. Goodbye lunch breaks!
TV shows can be watched at work. Goodbye lunch breaks!