Digital Oasis can survive an Aussie winter

Constructed of cast aluminium and rubber, the Oasis Flow from Pure is a DAB+ digital radio that can withstand a bit of Aussie weather, thanks to its rugged, splash-resistant casing and sensitive electronics hidden away behind rubber seals.

Controlled via a lovely, clear OLED touchscreen display and with built-in internet connectivity over WiFi, it’s possible to stream digital music, internet radio or podcasts from your home network, or take advantage of the portable music player input to use the Oasis Flow as a portable speaker while you’re out and about.

A rechargeable ‘ChargePak’ battery will last up to ten hours before you need to find a powerpoint and, since the Oasis is from the ‘Flow’ family of products, it can connect to Pure’s radio and media portal called ‘The Lounge’ to retrieve additional unique and premium content.

The weatherproof Oasis Flow will be great for decks, gardens and bathrooms and is on sale now for $399.