Digital Super 8 could revive old dusty movie cameras

Antique camera stores have loads of old fashioned movie cameras from years not so long ago, but without available film, they’re useless, but that’s where a new digital concept might help out.

The idea of this concept is to make any Super 8 camera work again recording on digital media, capturing footage in 720p high-definition (HD) video on a device that sits inside the camera and sports a 5 megapixel camera.

It’s being designed by a guy named Hayes Urban, and will be called the Nolab Digital Super 8 cartridge, with the video recorder built into the cartridge size that Super 8 film cameras used to take, making it compatible with practically every Super 8 camera you can find in antique stores, or even the box of cameras your parents or grandparents pull out on a rainy day.

Some of these cameras may have excellent lenses, while others look more like proper film cameras than some of the gadgets that exist nowadays, which makes this idea a gem from our point of view.

At the moment, the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge is a working concept with a view to making it an actual commercial product, likely incorporating some interesting features, such as film look options that will likely mimic vintage and retro film grades, adjustable frame rates, and a rechargeable battery capable of 3 hours of recording onto an SD card.

Now all we need is some digital 35mm film canisters to let us use the classic single-lens reflex cameras we love so much (outside of the experiments we’ve done with digital SLRs and pinhole cameras).

Source: Hayes Urban