Dinosaur Zoo (iPad app)

Most parents are always looking for a good balance of fun and education in a iPad app for their children. Dinosaur Zoo does exactly that with the ability to interact with the dinosaurs but also learn about the type of dinosaur they are looking at. 

This app is like a cross between the BBC’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” and Jurassic Park, combined with the ability to view each species by using the zoo map to select which dinosaur you want to see.

The interaction with the dinosaurs allows you to feed them, agitate them and even make them… well… go to the toilet.

But it’s also an educational tool, with information about each type dinosaur including their origins, size and mobility. The information is a little bit light, but most of us are here to look at the dinosaurs anyway!

The animations are really nice, placing the dinosaur in its natural habitat. There’s also audio, with the roars and screams of the dinosaurs jumping out from the iPad speaker. From the underwater ‘metoposaurus’ to flying ‘ornitheirus’ making its way around canyons, Dinosaur Zoo really has some nice touches which will make it a hit with kids who have a fascination with dinosaurs.

At the time of writing, only six dinosaurs were available, but we were told that a new batch of dinosaurs will be released soon.

Regardless, if you have kids who love dinosaurs (which is every kid on the planet) or always wished you were a paleontologist, Dinosaur Zoo is something you should check out.


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