Discover the endangered species of Ubisoft’s Dolphin Island

With Ubisoft’s Dolphin Island for Nintendo DS, plunge into the great adventures of an aquatic park. Care for a myriad of sea animals. Manage an entire marine park to save Dolphin Island from a multinational corporation.

The player will discover more than 30 endangered species including dolphins, sharks, killer whales, penguins and green sea turtles. The game will provide information and facts about these species, which are in danger of disappearing from our oceans in the coming years. Species like the green sea turtle, which have been overexploited for their meat and scales, will come into your care. The player will learn about each creature’s diet and special needs to make them feel happy and at home on Dolphin Island.

Players will also nurture and heal the animals, clean their pools and train them to perform dazzling shows. By earning more credits, players will improve their marine park, allowing them to rescue more animals and even raise families of marine creatures.

Source: Ubisoft