DJI makes eBikes now, debuts fancy Amflow PL mountain bike

DJI Amflow PL eBike announcement
Image: DJI.
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Drone manufacturer DJI is now in the business of eBikes, launching the Amflow PL electric mountain bike based on new technology from the brand.

Equipped with up to 850W of power, the Amflow PL uses DJI’s new Avinox Drive System, which is designed to be powerful, durable, and lightweight. The bike itself weighs 19.2kg, considered light by electric mountain bike standards.

Different to an eBike made for flat roads, this particular model is meant to adapt to different terrains. DJI’s Avinox technology comes with an auto mode that adjusts assistance based on road conditions and your riding position. The idea is that it lets you ride across different terrains without needing to manually change modes.

On the other end of the scale, the Amflow PL also includes a boost mode. When activated, it provides 120Nm of torque and 1000W of power to help get up tough hills. These controls are housed in a two-inch OLED touchscreen built into the bike’s frame, which also displays real-time information about your ride.

DJi Amflow PL app
The Amflow app tracks your stats and secures your bike. Image: DJI.

Its range on a full charge sits just under 160km, based on the 800Wh model. It takes 90 minutes to charge the battery from zero to 75%, using GaN fast charging technology.

Set to launch in Australia and several other countries by the end of the year, the Amflow PL doesn’t yet have a confirmed price.

eBike technology adds to DJI’s growing portfolio, recently including portable power stations alongside the brand’s well-known drone and camera equipment.

In the background, DJI is battling the Countering CCP Drones Act in the US, which could result in a ban on some of its products overseas. In response, DJI labelled the proposed legislation as being based on “inaccurate and unsubstantiated allegations” that play on “xenophobic narratives”.

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