Well, for high-end, these days you simply have to have true high-definition: 1,920 pixels across by 1,080 down, or the same resolution as the best HDTV and the forthcoming Blu-ray and HD DVD players. The first in Australia on the consumer market with such a projector was JVC with its DLA-HD2K. Now it has upgraded this (the old model is still available) to the DLA-HD10K with a more attractive and heavily built casing.

It uses JVC’s version of LCoS, which it calls D-ILA, with three panels permitting superb picture quality. The new model also has a vertical lens shift feature and a 1.4:1 zoom range for the short throw model, or 1.9:1 for the long throw.

$30,000 will get you the projector, but this expects 1080i input supplied digitally. For reasonable flexibility you will need one of the two video processor/switch boxes (priced $5,299 and $10,999) or a top-notch model from another supplier.

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