Do tech companies have too much power

Companies not to trust

Facebook users don’t trust Facebook – fact. Facebook is purely a vehicle to exploit its users, and I hope that when effective global legislation occurs something rises out of its ashes that really helps to connect people in a non-creepy way.

Do tech companies have too much power

Amazon is has crossed the privacy line with Alexa, Prime services and over 20 other companies it owns totally focused on keeping as much of the consumer dollar in its closed loop. It is not breaking any laws per se, but Amazon’s analytics engine is omnipotent and could be very dangerous without the right legislation.

And there are some newcomers that have not earned trust yet.

Do tech companies have too much power

Netflix and other content streamers like Disney, Amazon, Apple TV, Stan, Foxtel etc have amazing power harnessing the who, what, when, where and even why we watch. Advertisers salivate at the prospect of getting their message across these channels versus free-to-air.

Twitter has been severely abused spreading fake news and baseless flames. The US House Committee on Ethics is investigating that. In fact, Twitter is the ultimate self-publishing platform – just ask President Don! It is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas.

Telcos have as much power by collecting mobile phone IMEI location (to send and receive calls) and the metadata they collect from calls, SMS and Internet use. Many Telcos sell that data to advertisers like Facebook. Worse still they include Facebook’s app so they can access its data too.

Hardware makers (smartphones/computers) often include bloatware like payment wallets, weather apps, Facebook etc – ditto. Many companies pay smartphone and computer makers well to load their spyware.

Do tech companies have too much power

The answer to Do tech companies have too much power is?

The answer is not breaking these behemoths up but providing a regulatory framework which we all agree to and they can work within.

We need a basis for believing that technology will be for our good. And we all need to work together to prevent cybercriminals using it against us.