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If you’re the type of person to chew through mobile data, the double data offers on Dodo mobile plans might be the fix you need.

One of the cheapest SIM plan providers, Dodo is offering double data on several affordable plans until the end of the month. In an effort to tempt you over, the increased data allocation is for the first three months, providing up to 90GB each month.

With the promotion, the $20 plan includes 30GB, the $25 plan gets 50GB, and Dodo’s $35 plan has a huge 90GB. Even after the bonus data period, all three plans still include a decent amount of data for the price. Dodo’s $10 plan isn’t included, but doubling 2GB only nets you 4GB, which isn’t all that enticing.

Providing more of a reason to spend $20 or more, the more feature-rich plans also come with international call credit. Depending on the plan, it includes up to $300 of credit, charged according to different rates per country.

Dodo mobile plans: what you need to know

Dodo is one of several mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Australia. This means it uses another telco’s network infrastructure to sell services to customers. In the case of Dodo, its mobile plans provide access to the Optus 4G network.

Another thing to note is that all Dodo mobile plans are postpaid, as opposed to prepaid. It means you pay your bill at the end of each month, instead of an up-front cost. An advantage of postpaid is you get full value across the entire month, unlike some prepaid plans with 28-day expiries.

Dodo doesn’t lock you into a contract, either. You’re free to bring your own phone over and swap at any time without paying an exorbitant fee. Likewise, if you go over your monthly data limit, you don’t pay excess charges. Instead, the internet speed slows down to 256kbps until the next billing cycle, or when you purchase a data pack.

One downside, albeit niche at this stage, is that Dodo doesn’t currently support eSIM technology. Many modern phones let you connect to a network without a physical SIM card, which is convenient for swapping to better deals or having a work and personal plan on the same device. However, it’s up to each telco to provide eSIM as an option. While Dodo doesn’t sell eSIM mobile plans yet, it may do so in the future.

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