The future has the potential to change all jobs, and pizza delivery could well be the next one to go.

There’s no doubting that pizza is one of the most universally loved foods, somewhere near chocolate and tea, and with over three billion pizzas sold in the US alone each year, it’s safe to say that the pizza is one of those things we love.

In Australia, pizza makes restaurants plenty of money, with the estimation of the disc-shaped topping sandwich netting somewhere around $4 billion annually, and given the falling cost, likely to grow, but pizza technology is rarely talked about.

Sure, you have pizza makers to do this at home and impressive ovens, but what when you don’t want to do anything and just want the food to come to you?

For that, you have delivery options, and these will become more and more tech savvy as time goes on, complete with GPS tracking, but Domino’s may be one-upping the game with a replacement for the delivery guy altogether.


It’s name is “DRU”, an acronym that translates to “Domino’s Robotic Unit” with that name basically giving away what the concept is: a robotic delivery guy.

Built with the help of Australian start-up Marathon Robotics, DRU is a four-wheeled vehicle that can keep pizzas hot, drinks cold, and take to the streets travelling from a Domino’s store to someone’s home to complete the order.