Domino’s makes pizza delivery possible from an Android phone

A little under two years ago, pizza delivery chain Domino’s released an app for the iPhone, allowing you to order pizza from where ever you were. Now with lots of Android devices being activated daily, its doing the same for its little green friend.

Much like the iPhone app, you can jump in and order standard or customised pizzas for delivery and pick up, as well as find out the closest stores on a map. Domino’s also hopes to grab a space on one of your  homescreens, as a widget is included that will show you the latest offers available.

Anyone with a recent Android phone can grab this app, as it’s free and can run on all phones with Google Android 2.1 and above.

For the pizza lovers on BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and Symbian, there’s sadly no news for when you’ll be getting a Domino’s app.

But could we please have one for the 6,000 Australians who bought a $99 HP TouchPad? No? Oh fine then.