Why don’t we combine a lightbulb with a security cam?

Enter LightCam that is presently in the funding stage at Indiegogo. It is a brilliant concept (forgive the pun).

At this stage it has moved past concept to prototyping stage and raised US$122,488 – a massive 551% of its original funding goal. And why not – it is a shining light in security cams!

Essentially it is a screw-in (ES) LED low-energy lightbulb with a weatherproof PIR motion detector, fully adjustable HD camera, built in microSD storage and two-way microphone that pairs via Wi-Fi to monitor your home.

As a bonus it is compatible with WiFi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee smart home protocols.

It will ship worldwide and be available later this year online.

If you are keen you can subscribe via Indiegogo for US$99 (bulk discounts available) for delivery in August.

The unique thing about this is that we have light sockets everywhere and as long as you have adequate Wi-Fi reach it works – simple.

Another bright idea!