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Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service. Telstra may have to refund up to 180,000 FTTN (fibre-to-the-node) customers everything they have ever paid for the service. Why? It may not have been able to deliver the promised speeds and truth in advertising is all.

I have had a gut full of Tel$tra – lies, outright lies, and no one cares – over my 26 months as an FTTN customer. You can read more about this here and if you are one of the FTTN customers I suggest you do! Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service.

Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service

Telstra’s FTTN (and some FTTB – basement) customers that ordered or were given the 50/25 or 100/40Mbps NBN speed – about 180,000 of its 770,000 NBN customers may be entitled to a refund for the entire time they have been on a plan.

In 2017 Telstra was ordered to refund about 42,000 customers that were not receiving advertised speeds. You think it would have learned by now but trying to change Telstra’s culture is like trying a handbrake turn on the Titanic to avoid an iceberg.

No, Telstra went on to deceive another 180,000 customers blithely taking their money (or giving a speed upgrade for free – that usually did not work – as penance), and it never delivered on its previous ACCC undertaking to monitor speeds.

Telstra rating

ACCC chairman Rod Sims it all comes down to education.

“Telstra has upgraded people and not checked whether the speeds that people were put to could be delivered.”

Telstra was wrong to take the money – no ifs, no buts – it is their responsibility to provide a service

As there is no speed data history when a customer signs-up, all CSPs (carriage service providers) must monitor new sign-ups to FTTN services after their first month. Based on that data, it must adjust a plan to the speed the line can support.

Well, Telstra once again has f’ed up, and the ACCC is insisting Telstra offer compensation to those customers – in this case, 100% of what they have paid for Telstra NBN.

The ACCC said

“Telstra’s failure to carry out the speed checks meant that customers were not informed on whether they were getting the maximum speeds promised under the upgraded NBN plans. It also meant they were not offered options to address slow speeds, such as exiting their contract or receiving a refund.

“Telstra has since committed to contacting all affected customers and refunding those who have been paying for the higher speeds but not receiving them. It will also proactively move consumers to a lower speed NBN plan if they are not receiving any benefit from being on a higher speed tier NBN plan.”

Hmmm – haven’t contacted me yet!

How do you know if you are getting the speeds you paid for?

This applies to all CSP’s. The easiest way is to buy a Fing Box (Australian website here and manual here) for $169 plus freight. BTW: If you find your speeds are not what you are paying for then demand your CSP reimburse you for this as well.

Fing box

Fing Box monitors speeds and outages throughout the day. It also monitors the devices attached to the home network and stops unauthorised ones from getting in. As a bonus it has parental controls, can alert you who is coming or going, identify bandwidth hogs and much more.

Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service
Left: what to expect. Right: What you are probably getting

Pro: Plug and play – no expertise required apart from setting up an account and a few parameters.