Don’t yap, text or Facebook while driving

yap, text or Facebook while driving.
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It is crazy what some people do. Yap, text or Facebook while driving. Mobile phone use in a car now attracts five demerit points in NSW. Double that during peak accident times.

The five points penalty (was three), along with hefty fines ($330 in NSW up to $447 in the ACT) will end most licences. And if you are learner or P-plater that phone must not even be in plain sight.

You need to know the rules

Last year GadgetGuy reviewed the Jabra Freeway – hands-free on the highway.

It is one of the better hands-free devices. At $169.99 offers some of the best, clearest sound I have heard with very effective noise cancelling for clear voice.

Forget using your cars Bluetooth

Even if you have a relatively late model car its Bluetooth pairing can be hit and miss. On many occasions, my phone has rung, and the car missed it.

During the Jabra Freeway test 100% of the time, it found the phone. In fact, you can have two phones paired to it – work and private or his and hers.

So what features should drivers look for in these speakerphones?

zero tolerance for yap, text or Facebook while driving.

Jabra, engineers, recommend looking for the following features to help you stay connected on the road.:

  • Devices that are easy to use and automatically connect when your phone is in range
  • Provide voice activation or voice-guided instructions – telling you when the battery is low, or you have an incoming call
  • Include high-quality microphone(s) with a level of noise cancellation to ensure your calls are clear and crisp, without that annoying “speakerphone” sound
  • An all in one that allows you to stream music from your phone, play GPS directions and podcasts, and take phone calls with ease
  • Offers 14+ hours talk time, with over a month of standby time – no need for an ugly USB cable to hang from your visor.

GadgetGuy’s take. Sorry, there is now zero tolerance for yap, text or Facebook while driving.

I bought one for the millennial daughter too! What more can I say? Millennials think the laws are meant to bent slightly just for them. “Officer it was an emergency.”