Download vouchers – always a safe gift idea

Ideal for: Teenagers whose music you just don’t understand, music fans without credit cards

Price: $10-100

More info: Apple iTunes store and BigPond Music (links will open in new windows)

itunes-gift-card.jpgAs an enthusiast, you already know that downloading legal music is a revelation. Just plug in your credit card details and within moments the album or track you want is right there, ready for you to sync with your player.

Alas, some people are still afraid of digital downloads, or at least leery of handing over their credit card details. You can help them see the light with a download voucher. You can get these everywhere, from electronics stores to petrol stations.

The user simply creates an account, enters a unique code, and voila: up to $100 in credit, ready for spending.

What’s especially interesting about these vouchers is that you can even use them yourself to buy music as a gift. Obviously they’re ideal for teenagers who might not see the ironic awesomeness of a Duran Duran album, but will buy two tracks here, and another there, and a TV show, and a music clip. That’s what these vouchers are all about: flexibility.