Drones go pro: DJI joins the Micro Four-Thirds lens system

We’re seeing some interesting things happening in the world of quadcopters and drones, and this week Olympus is sending word that one of the leading makers of these flying machines is joining an interchangeable lens system.

Capturing video from the sky may soon be something you can do from more than just an action camera, because drone-maker DJI is joining the Micro Four-Thirds interchangeable lens system, an action that suggests the company will be looking at making a camera or working with a camera maker to design a drone that can take cameras supporting lenses.

Currently, DJI makes some of the more known video capturing drones, and while their own equipment can be bought with a camera that remains stable thanks to a combination of a GPS lock and a gimbal, it also allows other cameras to be mounted to the drone, with GoPro’s cameras used by many videographers.

As for what this means for DJI, we’re not quite sure, but if you’re a filmmaker or just someone who loves to fly remote control drones, it appears you’re about to have a wee bit more control in the sky when taking photos and videos from the ground.

Could a Micro Four Thirds camera like the E-M5 Mark II be in the future for DJI?