Customisable DualSense Edge PS5 controller is out now

DualSense Edge PlayStation 5 wireless controller

DualSense Edge, the first modular controller made by PlayStation, is set for a 26 January 2023 launch, where it will allow you to fully customise your PlayStation 5 gaming experience.

Update 31 January 2023: The new controller is now available exclusively through, with additional retailers to follow from 23 February onwards. We have a review of the fancy new peripheral detailing the complete experience.

A premium successor to the base DualSense controller, the DualSense Edge includes many hardware and software options, including button remapping, stick and trigger sensitivity options, and the ability to set and swap between multiple control profiles. Bundled with the new controller is a range of accessories like a carrying case, three sets of stick caps, and two sets of back buttons to suit your preferences. The full list of what’s included is as follows:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • USB braided cable
  • 2 Standard caps
  • 2 High dome caps
  • 2 Low dome caps
  • 2 Half dome back buttons
  • 2 Lever back buttons
  • Connector housing 
  • Carrying case

Like the original PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense Edge is wireless, provides haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and charges via a USB connection. Besides the customisation features, the main difference between the base controller and the Edge is the price. Depending on the colour, the classic DualSense generally retails for $109, although it’s regularly on sale for cheaper. Comparatively, the DualSense Edge has a confirmed price of $339.

DualSense Edge controller with accessories
The DualSense Edge controller with the bundled accessories.

This makes it noticeably more expensive than its Xbox counterpart, the Xbox Elite controller. Here in Australia, the Xbox Elite controller with all the bells and whistles costs $249 and recently became available on Xbox Design Lab, where you can order controllers with custom colours. Earlier in the year, Xbox launched the Core version of the Elite controller, which includes similar customisation options minus the added accessories, for $189. It’s not yet known if PlayStation will launch a similar pared-back package for the DualSense Edge.

It’s great that PlayStation 5 owners finally have an official first-party customisable controller. How it compares to the Xbox equivalent remains to be seen, although the comparatively high price will raise a few eyebrows.

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