DualSIM Slider mobile phone – 2 phones in 1

The DUALSIM mobile phone is built with one important feature – the ability to have and manage two SIM cards in one mobile handset for convenience, control and savings.

Over 5 million Australians have 2 SIM cards (which they switch in and out of one phone) or have two active phones. There are 5000 searches on Google per day from Australia looking for dual sim phones, available from manufacturers overseas, but until now not available in Australia due to the power the telcos have over retailing.

With a DUALSIM mobile phone, now you can separate personal and work lines in one handset, or keep your Australian SIM in your phone when travelling overseas and add a local pre-paid SIM card to your handset to make cheap local calls from that country.

Or perhaps you are looking to save money by taking advantage of the various pre-paid deals offered by the telcos like Telstra’s 1 cent texting deal combined with Vodafone’s "night talker" where you get bonus free calls 8pm to 8am to any network or landline.

With a DUALSIM mobile phone, you can then switch from one pre-paid plan to another to take advantage of discount offers like Vodafone’s recent 10% off a recharge offer.

DUALSIM phones are approved for use in Australia and unlike some counterfeit imports trickling in to meet previous demand in Australia, DUALSIM has its own IMEI.

DUALSIM phones are manufactured on the same factory lines as some of the world’s leading mobile phone brands and carry a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Price and availability

The first mobile phone in the DUALSIM range is the DUALSIM SLIDER for $399 RRP. It is available from March 1, 2009.


  • Dual SIM card
  • Dual standby
  • SIM Origin display option
  • Slider design
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • ‘Magic Touch" pad
  • MP3 / MP4 support
  • FM radio
  • Stereo speakers
  • Tri-band Support (900/1800/1900Mhz)
  • Hi Speed USB connectivity
  • Supports Java
  • Micro SD card support – 2GB card supplied
  • 12 month warranty