DUNG, the BigPond Project JoyStick’s winning game, is released

May 23, 2008

Sherele Moody of Warrnambool, Victoria, was the winner of BigPond’s Project Joystick competition – the million dollar hunt for the next big digital game idea. Sherele delivered a digital game idea about dung beetles and DUNG was chosen to be the next big mobile and online game from the 2000 entries late last year by a panel of judges. Now, DUNG the game, that has been under development since it was selected has been released.

And so the newest character to rock the video games industry is neither warrior nor assassin – he’s a dung beetle! Prepare to meet Dudley, the lead character in a brand new digital game called DUNG, available for PCs and Telstra mobiles. Dudley navigates his way through a variety of environments while protecting his ever-growing ball of dung.
The concept for DUNG was submitted as part of BigPond’s Project Joystick, in 2007 – a search among the Australian public, for the next hot new online and mobile digital game in conjunction with the Australian Centre of Moving Image (ACMI). the idea which has been built into a reality in 6 months.

Dung computer gameThe characters are fun, the story line is engrossing and the game is really addictive. BigPond believes that the Australian public will love Dudley the Dung Beetle as much as we do when the game goes on sale this week. The PC and mobile versions of the game were built by BigPond’s developer partner, Firemint.

With 8 worlds, 22 story-mode and 42 challenge-mode levels to explore, casual gamers will have hours of fun playing this game. It’s hard to put it down with it’s simple pick-up and play concept but at the same time it also has surprising depths of strategy for dedicated rollers.

With some enthralling game play on offer, the game turns idle time into dung-filled fun for casual gamers, whether sitting on a bus using mobile, or at home on the PC. Gamers can navigate Dudley through his perilous journey to rescue his family and the Princess from the hands of the dastardly Scarabas Stinkstrong.

Dudley travels through eight beautiful worlds, facing enemies and overcoming challenges and natural hazards. Casual gamers can build their dung-rolling skills to propel the ball through the air and rescue baby Dunglings.

Price and availability

Dung is available to Telstra Next G mobile customers for $5 and in PC format to all, from BigPond’s GameShop for $9.95.

Source: BigPond