OK, let?s get straight to the price. At $1,499, the DV-989AViS is on the very expensive side of the market when it comes to DVD players. Many people would claim that even with upscaling it?s hard to see the value in a DVD player that, like any $199 brand name DVD player, plays DVDs and CDs. The difference, however, is that the DV-989AViS absolutely excels with video output via its HDMI port. The upscaling of a regular (PAL) disc with 576 pixel resolution to the panel?s 1080 high definition is nothing short of exquisite. In short, the DV-989AViS delivers the best picture I?ve yet seen from a consumer-level DVD player.

Upscaling alone doesn?t account for this however, with the DV-989AViS incorporating a number of technologies that, combined, deliver this excellent picture quality. Pioneer?s Advanced Digital Direct Pixel Drive provides a two-dimensional resolution expander and video scaler to increase traditional DVD video signals to high-definition levels, while Pioneer?s enhanced VQE9 processor significantly advances video quality. This is achieved by transferring the signal entirely in the 10-bit domain so that even the most intricate details remain faithful to the original source. Pioneer?s Dual Pure Cinema Progressive Scan is also provided. This effectively doubles the scanning rate of the picture to create a rock-steady, flicker-free ?cinematographic? experience. And it simply looks fantastic when displayed on a large plasma or even better pumped through a HD projector.

The system is built around a solid, stable and rigid chassis that is essential to reduce internal vibrations and deliver superb video and audio performance. The chassis is triple-layered using two steel stabilising plates to absorb vibration and eliminate interference.

With a tremendous choice in playback options, the Pioneer DV989AVi-S DVD player will play DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD Video, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, CD, Video CD, Super VCD, and MP3 formats. The DV-989AViS also plays all region DVDs straight out of the box, handy for those who collect DVDs in their travels.

Importantly, setting up a DVD player is easier than ever thanks to the new advanced GUI (Graphic User Interface). Users can go into as much or as little depth required when setting up.

Despite the price, the DV-989AViS really does deliver the goods, especially for videophiles who want the best picture possible for their system.

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