The humble DVD player is still popular: long live physical media

Laser DVD player

Would you believe that today, in the age of streaming, people still want to buy a DVD player? Recent trends indicate that Australians aren’t ready to abandon physical media yet.

The interesting revelation comes from a longstanding Australian tech brand, Laser, revealing that its multi-region DVD player is the most-bought device on its Amazon store. In fact, rounding out the top three is a Blu-Ray player and, get this, a CD boombox.

Various affordable smart devices feature throughout Laser’s 10 most popular Amazon items, like headphones, smart light bulbs, and its excellent Apple CarPlay + Android Auto adapter. But the recurring appearances of DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD players stand out the most.

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus have taken a stranglehold on the way we consume media. Foxtel’s Hubbl also recently entered the scene to compete with the likes of Optus SubHub in offering discounted subscription bundles.

However, this puts us at the whims of streaming companies aiming for ever-increasing profits. Disney Plus recently increased its prices, while Netflix cracked down on multi-household users last year. There’s also the looming spectre of these companies removing series, leaving us with no method of access.

When buying a Blu-Ray or DVD, the up-front cost might be more, but you don’t have to worry about an ongoing fee or losing access. As long as you have the disc and a compatible device to play it on, you’re golden.

Laser’s popular DVD player reveals a trend

While the availability of physical media shrinks, if the reduced footprint of JB Hi-Fi’s movie and TV show aisles is anything to go by, there’s clearly still a demand. Laser’s Managing Director, Chris Lau, believes that the brand’s most-sold devices give a glimpse into “what Australians are really seeking at the moment”.

“It is also interesting to see how online purchases have changed, as it wasn’t that long ago that our top online sellers were affordable party speakers, soundbars and other AV products,” Lau said.

For bigger or newer devices, consumers still gravitate towards an in-store experience, to go hands-on before purchasing. Conversely, more affordable and well-known products appear to garner more attention online.

Alongside the best-selling DVD player, the rest of Laser’s best-selling Amazon gear makes for interesting reading:

Seeing the continued popularity of DVD players warms my heart. I’m a physical media enthusiast, proudly displaying my DVD and Blu-Ray collection of movies and series not easily accessible on local streaming services. Although I will admit to being a bit of a Blu-Ray snob, plenty of the best TVs in Australia are pretty good at upscaling lower-resolution DVD content.

The moral of the story is this: if you love a movie or a TV show, buy the disc. It supports the creators and you won’t miss out when a streaming company decides to nuke its library.

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