Dymo DiscPainter puts new spin on disc design

Printing clear, colourful images directly onto CD or DVD has never been easier than with the new Dymo DiscPainter, which allows users to design and print high-quality, full-colour graphics onto discs in about one minute.

DiscPainter is ideal for business professionals wishing to put a creative stamp on their work and for those who work (or play) in the world of multi-media. Affordable and user friendly, DiscPainter quickly prints high-resolution designs onto a disc, from outer edge to inner hub in full vibrant colour.

The patented RadialPrint (or ‘spin’) technology prints directly onto the CD while it is spinning, creating professional quality graphics quickly.

DiscPainter offers infinite possibilities for both beginner and experienced designers to create and manipulate text, fonts, colours and graphics, using original and ready-made canvasses included with the software.

The software also features a photo collage tool that allows users to incorporate as many as 16 photos in their designs. Both MAC and PC compatible, DiscPainter works with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, QuarkXpress and SureThing.

DiscPainter features three print quality modes that lets users print up to 600 DPI graphics in a minute, and 1200 DPI images in three minutes. One ink cartridge is able to print around 100 discs in a matte or glossy format.

The sleek, minimalist look and compact size of DiscPainter makes it a stylish addition to the home or office.DiscPainter comes packaged with USB 2.0 cable, AC power supply, three inkjet printable discs and a fullcolour ink cartridge to print around 100 discs.

Price and availability

Dymo DiscPainter is available at Officeworks and Harris Technology from May 2008. RRP $449.00.

Source: Dymo