Dyson CleanTrace uses AR to help you clean more efficiently

Dyson CleanTrace attachment
Image: supplied.

A new augmented reality (AR) feature, CleanTrace, is coming to Dyson vacuum cleaners, using your phone to help you better see where you’re cleaning.

By way of a phone clamp that attaches to a vacuum cleaner, CleanTrace then uses your handset to visualise the cleaning area a Dyson vacuum is cleaning. According to the cleaning brand, the AR tech takes inspiration from its 360 Vis Nav robot vac, identifying what has been cleaned and what still needs cleaning.

Other than visible dirt and debris on the floor, vacuuming involves a bit of guesswork. Dyson claims that everyone vacuums differently, with varying levels of thoroughness. Some people miss areas while cleaning, while others repeatedly go over the same spots. CleanTrace is the company’s attempt at adding efficiency to the household chore.

In practice, the technology enables compatible phones to act as a third-person view of a vacuum’s cleaning head. When in use, it displays an overlay on top of the phone camera’s vision, providing a real-time indication of where you’ve cleaned.

Via the MyDyson app, CleanTrace identifies where you have and haven’t cleaned. While vacuuming, you can see on the phone display where you haven’t reached yet, helping you clean more thoroughly. When you remove your phone from the clamp attachment, CleanTrace lets you scan the room, visualising how much of the area you’ve cleaned.

When is Dyson CleanTrace available?

At first, CleanTrace will only be available with Dyson Gen5Detect cordless vacuum cleaners. Additionally, you’ll need an iPhone 12 Pro or newer because the AR tech relies on the phone’s LiDAR hardware. Sorry, Android folks.

Dyson CleanTrace AR
CleanTrace “paints” your room in AR so you can see where you’ve already cleaned. Image: supplied.

Available from Dyson stores and online, the CleanTrace clamp and software are due to launch in June. Price details are yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more info. For those who lose track of where they’ve cleaned, it could be a handy tool.

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