Dyson’s Hot + Cool reviewed just in time for Winter

It’s Autumn in Australia, which means outside temperatures are about to become whole lot cooler. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a heater that matched your sense of style? Well now you can.


Built on the same principle upon which Dyson’s blade-less fans were developed, the Hot + Cool aims to bring heating and cooling together in a product that is both safe, portable and efficient.

With a design resembling a long, round-edged rectangle, the fan looks a bit like the number “0”, albeit one stretched out of chewing gum. Made from plastic, the blade-less fan sits atop a compact base, and can be tilted up and down, and moved left or right to distribute heated air in the direction you choose.

Within the body of the unit is a motor Dyson says is capable of taking in air and then expelling it six times faster. Air ‘sucked in’ through an array of small holes at the bottom of the unit passes over a ceramic heater hidden within, and is then pushed out through the exit slits alongside the inner frame of the fan. A small stream of cold air is simultaneously flushed out of the slits, allowing the fan to stay cool to the touch.

A inbuilt thermostat monitors the fan’s temperature and switches the unit off once when the ambient air temperature is reached. A cut-out switch is provided for safety, turning the fan off automatically should it fall over.

The Hot + Cool features operational buttons on the front, as well as a small LED screen indicating the set temperature setting. A small curved remote is also provided, with magnets on the top curve of the Hot + Cool allowing you to store the remote where you can find it.

Dyson’s Hot + Cool arrives in two colour variations: white and silver, and black and blue.