Dyson motorhead devours dirt


Dyson has released two new vacuum cleaners, a handheld and a bagless barrel model featuring an independently driven motorised brushbar to handle stubborn dirt.

Dyson studied how everyday dirt was picked up, utilising a camera that took shots at 40,000 frames per second, to fine tune the machines? independently motorised brushbar so it picked up the most elusive dirt. The result is the creation of the DC21 Motorhead vacuum cleaner and the DC16 Motorhead Handheld, out this month.

Both incorporate Dyson?s radix cyclone technology that spins the dirt, dust and debris out of the air and into the bin, for no loss of suction.

More about the DC21 Motorhead

The DC21 Motorhead ($1,099 RRP) has an independently driven brushbar as well as Dyson?s ball-like technology for easy manoeuvrability: the vacuum cleaner can be quickly turned off to glide across all floor types and around furniture with a twist of the wrist.

The DC21 also features Dyson?s telescopic wrap for easy carrying and storage and onboard tool storage so you won?t misplace them.

HEPA and Bactisafe filters filter air to 99.9999%, with the air expelled from the DC21 containing 150 times less mould and bacteria than the air we breathe. This model has been accepted into the National Asthma Council Australia?s ?Sensitive Choice? program.

Dyson?s DC16 Motorhead: read more

For people wanting a handheld bagless vac with a motorised brushbar, the DC16 ($349 RRP) gives you the ability to conduct more robust spot cleaning of pet hairs and stubborn fibres from carpets, cars and couches. You can also clip on the combination tool (which is good for upholstery or tight spaces) for crumbs and other small domestic disasters.

Dyson claims the DC16 Motorhead offers twice the suction power of other handhelds, three times faster recharge, hygienic bin emptying and Dyson?s radix cyclone technology for continuous suction.