Dyson moves to protect skin with its first humidifier

Not everyone likes the cold, dry air of the colder months. Some of us get cracked skin, chapped lips, and a roughness on our hands and fingers that is just beyond irritating. Fortunately, technology to the rescue, and it could do more than just keep your skin supple.

A company known for innovating in the vacuum and cooling fan space more than so many others is getting into another category, as Dyson launches a humidifier aimed at keeping people healthy.

Helping this humidifier is Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, bringing in air from the base of the unit and speeding it up through a Dyson motor.

Before the air is hydrated, however, Dyson’s uses a different form of technology to treat the air, relying on patented ultraviolet (UV) light technology called “Cleanse” to destroy 99.9% of the bacteria in the water before it is inserted into the air in the home.

As a result, the air is not only more balanced and less dry in the parts of the house the fan is operating, but also better for you, as it’s more hygienic and better for people who suffer from allergies.

Dyson’s first product in this category is the AM10, and it came about as a result of 643 prototypes though its development period with 275 patents applied to the machine, with a good 130 more pending.

Announced this week, the AM10 will also function as a fan when the warmer months roll around, providing cool air like the recently released AM06 Air Multiplier fan, complete with a remote control.

As usual, there are ten airflow speed settings, and like the AM06, it can be set on a timer between 15 minutes and nine hours. When operating as a humidifier, the appliance will hold three litres of water and treat it for up to 18 hours straight.

“Humidifiers are a way to create a more hygienic environment at home,” said James Dyson. “Using patented UV light technology our humidifier kills 99.9% of bacteria in the machine before projecting hydrated mist evenly throughout the room.”

Pricing for the Dyson Humidifier has yet to be announced, but we’re told it won’t be coming to Australia until September 2015, missing out on our colder months just marginally.

  1. Too bad Dyson made a dud with this machine. Had one and as soon as the Two years was up, and the warranty had run out, the display went on it. Making it incredibly difficult to gauge what the humidity level was. And of course there was no app to do so remotely. I sent it to Dyson Australia for them to fix the display. They charged me $150 to fix it only to email me a few days later saying ‘ Your machine has now been assessed and deemed to require an exchange, however we no longer have any stock in Australia of this model of machine and we do not know if or when we may receive more stock.’

    It ended with them sending me an air purifier, which I already had and they knew it because they had had both machines in for a look due to issues. So now I have 2 purifiers from Dyson The most recent of which always seems to have issues connecting to the app and showing it’s stats (even though the older one is several rooms away I can always get it to show up and display the stats).

    1. Every company has a dud from time-to-time and this was it. It is a 2014 review and I don’t think it has offered a dehumidifier since. As for Wi-Fi connection try removing the Dyson devices and then then the app and start over. It should fix it.

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