Autumn is coming, and you know what that means: time to get those heaters out of the closet for when the cold returns. But if you own a Dyson bladeless heater, you may want to pay close attention to this story.

Those of you with a Dyson Air Multiplier designed for cold weather may want to get it checked out, as Dyson has this week issued a recall for AM04 and AM05 heaters.

The cold air only fans aren’t affected, only those that can be used to generate hot air, so those of you still relying on the big fans to keep you cool needn’t worry.

That said, Dyson has seen four instances where the AM04 and AM05 Hot+Cool heaters have short circuited and resulted in burning inside the unit, so rather than let the problem exist in the handful of likely affected units, the company is recalling the entire line.

“Although there have been no instances of personal injury or damage to property, it’s four too many. So we are working with the relevant regulatory bodies and preparing for a recall,” said Max Conze, CEO of Dyson.

If you have one of the affected units (any colour of the AM04 or AM05), head to Dyson’s recall website to organise a box to be sent your way.

You’ll then pack the appliance up, send it away, and Dyson will fix the problem, clean the fan, and return it with a two year warranty. Here’s hoping you’ll have it returned before the colder months kick in.