We all know that all a typical fan does is move air around replete with a long list of sometimes deadly airborne contaminants. James Dyson said, “There must be a better way!”

Things like car exhaust fumes, tobacco, soot, heavy metals, toxic organic compounds, timber/plastic/compound furniture emissions, candles, gas cookers, cleaning sprays, house plants and pets, all release potentially harmful pollutants into your home.

To make matters worse the modern home is well sealed to contain heat or cold but in doing so, it leads to a static air and pollution build-up – often a toxic environment.

China’s Household Appliance Standard and Technology Industry Alliance has released the first global standard for intelligent air purifying fans – featuring test methods first developed on Dyson’s UK Technology Campus. By sensing pollution, capturing it and then circulating cleaner air, these machines are engineered to purify uniformly across a room.

Working in conjunction with Dyson engineers, experts at CHEARI have constructed a 27m2 test chamber designed to better reflect real average living room sizes of Chinese homes.

Tom Bennett, Head of Research, Design, Development and Operations for Dyson China said, “Globally, modern homes trap pollution and limit circulation, but for many people, it goes unrealised. We needed to create a smart machine that accurately senses the pollution for you and a sophisticated Dyson 360° HEPA purification system to remove it from the home.”