Dyson shapes up, slims down with Digital Slim

The next vacuum cleaner you buy might come without the cumbersome roll-along body that accompanies almost all of them, with Dyson unveiling a new cleaner it says is the most powerful lightweight vacuum.

Called the “Digital Slim,” the new vacuum is the result of three years research and development, with the company attempting to put an immense amount of power in your hands but ditch the heavy motor conventional vacuum cleaners use to generate that power.

“Dyson engineers used Archimedes’ simple, but brilliant lever principle to perfect the configuration of the machine, giving it perfect poise in the hand,” said James Dyson, inventor and founder of Dyson. “Power in the grip and balance in the wand has given us an agile machine that packs a punch.”

Dyson's patented Radix Cyclone technology.

Powering the vacuum is a combination of technologies: Dyson’s digital motor spinning at up to 104,000 RPM and the company’s patented “Radix Cyclone” technology which throws dust and dirt out from the air with centrifugal force.

A combination of materials can also be found here, with plastics, an aluminium wand, and the cleaning head featuring both anti-static carbon fibre filaments and nylon brushes, making it good for work on both hard and soft floor coverings.

Oh, and there’s no plug either, with a rechargeable battery pack offering 20 minutes of some of the strongest suction seen in any handheld vacuum.

It may not replace every vacuum in your house, but for those who need to do a spot here and there, as well as clean the ceiling or get into small spaces – like the car – the wand can be removed or added quickly depending on what needs to be cleaned.

Dyson’s Digital Slim will hit stores from the beginning of September for $549 RRP.