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V11 left, V10 right

GadgetGuy’s take: OK – enough science. Please.

Churchill and I could have talked for hours about mAh, circuitry and design paradigms but let me simply say that very few competitors stick vacuums have the degree of science and technology in them that the Dyson does.

And the price – from $1099 (up $100+) helps feed those several thousand scientists and engineers that keep improving the stuff so we will buy more and get a better experience.

Churchill, when asked about the V12 stared into space wishing he could tell me about internet connectivity and how it may vacuum the home all by itself! One thing he said – Dyson will not stop inovating until they have it right!

  • Torque                       $1099
  • Absolute                    $1199
  • Absolute Pro             $1249
  • V11 floor Dok            $149

More information at Dyson Australia.

A full review will come shortly.