Could Dyson’s new device spell the end of mops?

Dyson WashG1 announcement
Image: supplied.

Dyson has revealed its first wet floor cleaner, the WashG1, a specialised cleaning appliance that could make traditional mops a thing of the past.

Equipped with a 1L tank, the Dyson claims its latest appliance can clean up to 290 square metres before needing a top-up. To clean floors, the WashG1 pumps water into a pair of microfibre rollers that tackle wet spills, while the flow of water keeps the rollers clean when picking up dry messes like dirt and hair.

Debris and dirty water then get filtered and stored separately in a debris tray and 0.8L dirty water tank respectively. The idea behind this is to make disposing of the waste easier and more hygienic, requiring minimal contact.

For particularly stubborn messes, a range of water settings help you get the job done. More than just a low-to-high binary, the settings factor in different flooring and types of debris too.

Dyson WashG1 sketch
Image: supplied.

The Dyson WashG1 continues the trend of self-cleaning appliances too. It flushes its rollers out with water in between cleaning runs to prep for next time. While cleaning, you can also press the “boost mode” button to soak the rollers when tricky stains don’t want to come out.

Mopping isn’t exactly high on everyone’s priorities, which seems to be a factor behind Dyson’s design ethos. Charlie Park, Vice President of Dyson Home Engineering, wants people to recognise the chore’s importance.

“Most of us vacuum our homes regularly,” Park said. “But whilst wet cleaning is considered a necessary chore globally, many of us don’t know why we do it beyond the vague notion of hygiene.”

“In fact, cleaning with water is essential to rehydrate and remove tough, dried-on stains.”

Dyson WashG1 price and release date in Australia

Available to pre-order today, Dyson’s wet cleaner costs $999. You also get an additional set of rollers when buying directly from Dyson, as an incentive to cut out the middleman.

Dyson Wash G1 rollers clean
You can also detach the rollers to clean them manually as needed. Image: supplied.

The WashG1 looks like a more self-contained wet cleaning appliance than the Submarine attachment released last year for the Dyson V15 vacuums. It also follows the company’s recent Supersonic Nural hair dryer announcement, in addition to forays into AR cleaning technology.

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